Friday, September 23, 2011

[211] weatherspoon cabinet lighting and materials

 this is a sketch of possibly having interior lighting come up above the shelves

this sketch represents the idea of having wooden slats in the ceiling and keeping the top open so that the slats will create a pattern of light on the wall or a glow above it that brings people's attention and makes this piece its own work of art. 

 a sketch of the interior and exterior materials. we went to the weatherspoon and talked to people in the gift shop about what materials they were looking for. they specified birch and plexi glass. this is a drawing of the cabinet made of birch with birch shelving and plexi glass shelves on the interior of the doors.
 i thought that a darker finish black cabinet would go well into the space if the finish on it was matte and not glossy. each section has a frame of the outside material of the cabinet surrounding it, and inside each shelving space is a rectangular shape of white to try to emphasize the items in the cabinet. also, there is lighting that glows up behind each of the shelves to help highlight the objects.
at the very top of this image is a picture of how we were talking about making the wooden slats to allow light to come up through the cabinet and directly below it is a light study of the shadows and highlights this would make by arranging the slats in a vertical direction beginning on the left side and then they would become more slanted the further you go to the right and give a more angled shadow on the wall.

the quick sketch at the bottom is representing the idea that hailey brought a model of, having a textured multi layered top that is constructed of different lengths of wood.

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