Friday, September 2, 2011

[201] WAM Diagram: Light and Experience

The Gradation around the sketches represents the light becoming dimmer as you go into more confined spaces into the museum. I concentrated the shadows in the drawings  more as you go further into the space to represent that the focus increases the further you go into the space. It begins as a light glow lighting the whole area to the lights being directly focused on the path, and then onto the works of art.

The Weatherspoon Art Museum seems to strongly rely on the lighting of the space. I went back to the museum during the evening to see how light would be experienced differently without the bright light coming in from the ceiling in the main circulation space and also the windows. The light first entering through the garden slightly lights up the whole overall area. Then, as you move inside the main circulation area the lighting creates a glow that is evenly distributed softly lighting the whole area. Towards the stairs the light became more focused lighting the way of the path.  light spreads across the stairs, encouraging visitors to go see what is past them. Then on the second floor the lights on the ceiling highlight the works on up on the wall. As you go into the rooms displaying works of art on the wall, the light becomes most focused here highlighting directly around the focus points; the art that is displayed.

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