Wednesday, September 7, 2011

[201] what project can you most contribute to?

what project do you feel you can most contribute to?
what skills do you have that you think would be of use?

i feel i can most contribute to the weatherspoon art museum. i would be interested in the design of the cabinet for the weatherspoon art museum because i think it deals a lot with emphasis on space relating to experience depending on light. light is an important factor especially in a museum because you want the lighting to enhance the view of the displays. i think the artistic quality of the light in the building will correspond well to the idea of displaying items for the gift shop in this cabinet. i would like to find a way to emphasize the importance of the displays that are being represented and downplay the cabinet so that it is working to enhance the displace and not compete with them. i think it should be very simple like the rest of the walls in the space and allow the work being displayed in it to stand out. i think i would be helpful to this project because i like to play with light to see the ways it can affect a space. i think creating lighting around the art itself is important to showing people what the art is about and making them interested in it and drawn to it.

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