Sunday, September 11, 2011

[201] industriesof the blind [an exploration of identity]

When I first walked into industries of the blind I did not realize how important the organization was to the workers there. In the main entrance where we went in, the ceilings are high and the spaces are narrow. It feels very strict and cold. The place represented a space that would be an entrance for boring industrial office spaces and a place with strict polices. The ceiling and floors were white and gray, the walls were white, and the staircases white painted metal. The lighting in the entranceway to the top of the staircase where we entered the second floor was also very dim and gray. When we got to the second floor we went into an office space that was also white and very industrial feel. I was prepared for a boring meeting about the history of the company and its products. Instead, the president of the company began talking about his employees and how they contribute so much to the work that is done there. He started by talking about how the organization began as a very strict working environment, which is why it looks the way it does now. There are no windows to the outside and no color on the walls. The hallways are very narrow and the place gives the feeling that we are not allowed to be walking around in this place. At the time, this was the desired outcome of the building because the senior management did not want workers being distracted by people and events happening on the street or be distracted by each other. Management thought that the only way employees would be productive was If they were watched very closely and forced to do their work. 5 years ago when a new president became apart of the organization this changed from being a strict closed environment to an open and friendly environment. The employees at industries of the blind love coming to work every day. They look forward to meeting with the people that they work with and they also look forward to their work. The outcome of the products the make is very important to them because they made these products by hand. They want to make sure that they have done their best work because they like what they do and they know that they go to work every day for a purpose—to save lives. They provide equipment for our military and want to provide them with the best products possible. They enjoy coming to work because they know that their job is to provide the military with products that will help to save their life when something happens. The workers at industry do not just come to work to make money; the come to work because they are on a mission to give their best work to people who need it and they are proud of their work. This is a wonderful group of people who make up the company. They have great heart in what they do because they truly care about their work because they know that it affects the lives of other people and this means a lot to them. They are very friendly and care about each other and about people who they do not even know. Their spirit should be represented in a place that truly reflects who they are; their motivation, their hard work, and their personalities.

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