Friday, September 30, 2011

[201] visionary explorers blog post speeches

I think the speeches that we presented last week were very helpful to organizing ideas. When you make a speech you have to organize it from the beginning starting with and introduction of what topics you are going to talk about briefly to give the audience an idea of where your speech is going so they can make connections between the main ideas and the points that you make to present your idea. This was helpful to me because i have not given a speech in a while so it helped me figure out how to organize my ideas in a thought process that would be meaningful to the people who i was trying to communicate to. i think that my ideas were organized and i tried to put them in a way that they would flow together to make connections between ideas that directly related to another and present them in that order. i also think that my power point slide represented the idea i was presenting with the two museums and having one main focal point connecting the two which was the image on my slide connecting the two interiors. i think i could have made my speech better by going more in depth about how these spacial aspects of the building affect the way the space is used and how the experience is enhanced through these details. i did not go to the speaking center to work on my speech but i went over it so that i was prepared in the order and connections between my topics. it was helpful to have people come from the speaking center because i think it helped to refresh our memory about effective ways to present your topic.

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