Friday, September 23, 2011

[201] weatherspoon cabinet materials and lighting 2

a quick sketch to show how the lighting would become more dim towards the bottom if we used plexi glass shelving on the inside so that light could come through and and open top.

this idea shows at the top left, a top view for the top of the cabinet. the middle is open to allow light to come in through the top, instead of going out of the cabinet in our original idea because we were thinking about how it will be moved around a lot and i was thinking that it might become difficult for the users if there is a cord attached to it and it needs to be plugged in.

the right top section is a sketch of using adjustable heights for the shelves so they can precisely arrange them depending on what they are displaying.

the bottom sketch is to scale representing the overall view from the inside putting all of the ideas together. The wood is made of birch veneer. the top is left open to allow light to enter through the top of the cabinet using the light in the space and the shading shows the pattern this would make and how the light would become more dim towards the bottom.

this is a drawing of plexi glass shelving with a wooden frame and slats underneath to give it support, but you can still see through the shelf.

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