Tuesday, September 6, 2011

[201] industries of the blind diagram

This diagram represents the experience that I had entering the Industries of the Blind and moving through the building. The first thing i notices entering the building was the materials used. Outside is constructed of brick and the inside has white walls and tan floors. The space is very bland in color and the materials represent a strict environment representing the separation of upper management from regular employees in the past. I also experienced the high ceilings in the first area through the front doors with the tall stairs that are steep going up to the next floor. The spaces and hallways are very narrow and very tall. The space feels very structured. Then, I noticed the way the downstairs working areas were set up. The areas are set up with many working spaces in one open area for all of the workers to communicate while doing their work. This is much different from the feel of the rest of the building because this space feels more open and there is more communication throughout the space.

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