Friday, September 2, 2011

[201] GHM Narrative

For our first visit to the Greensboro Historical Museum, we began out in the parking lot across the street to observe the building entering from the parking lot, like most people who visit the museum will experience it. From across the parking lot I noticed the brick material to the outside and that there was more than one entrance to the museum. The sidewalk parallel to the building was broken up and we had to step over cones and caution tape to get to the front entrance that was a large space in front of the building where the walls came at a curve on each side partly enclosing and outlining the large sidewalk with the tall flat curved front as space. When I first walked into the museum the first thing I noticed was the overpowering green covering the walls everywhere all the way from the first floor up to the top. The entire space was open and the same color green was covering the walls all the way up to the top in the main area and on each level of the floors to the right and also covering the stairs that spiral up, and then there is a break, and then they spiral up again. I also noticed the red that was on the stair railing mixing with the green that was everywhere. The floor underneath the second set of stairs was white and stood out from the rest of the area. The gray tile floor and gray and black dotted stone framing the door did not tie in with the green vinyl walls or the red railings. At the second floor level I could see the whole entrance, the whole fist floor and the whole third floor. The same experience was encountered on every floor. The museum colors and arrangement of floors were overwhelming. All noise and colors and objects throughout every main space on the three floors are all experienced at one time, instead of gradually being led into the space. Everything is experienced at once and the design of colors, materials, and furniture do not go together. It is a very overpowering mixture of many different things all at one moment.

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