Sunday, April 24, 2011

Williams, Heather IAR 221 Reading Response 13

Brazil used modern architecture as a form o national identity. It was meant to be accessible by the whole country and mainly by airplane. It was based on habitation, recreation, work, and circulation. The buildings are concrete slab structures and use steel, giving the impression that it has been stretched or bent. This was something that required new technology and represented the future. The glass windows and sleek surfaces are also a representation of modernism. They have taken out the overly detailed designs and let the material be the focus of the design, while the idea of using materials in a way that was perviously not possible represents the idea of future. Before, they did not have the technology to sculpt a building out of concrete and bend steel to make expressionist structures. Architecture has become an art form through the materiality of the structure and the emphasis on shape, expression, and materials of the structure.

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