Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Williams, Heather IAR 221 Blog Post 11

Water Bottles are an object representing modernism because it is taking a step forward away from previous plastic bottles by using even older ideas in an effort to preserve the environment. After learning about the effects that plastic has on the environment and on human health, many people are moving forward in design by using glass or metal. While this is more modern to a plastic bottle, it is using much older design ideas than the plastic bottle. It is taking older design ideas and making them new again. These bottles show modernism through the way they use past materials to create a new and more usable while causing less harm to the environment. New design today is very environmentally cautious and we are trying to go back to simpler materials.

This is a modern kitchen space. Instead of a having a separate dining space connected to the kitchen or a dining table, there is an island with bar stools. Over time the use of a dining room has become less as well as the importance on dining as a time when family comes together and shares this time as something more than just eating. This kitchen represents the way modern design shapes around the more task oriented and fast way of living that have developed over the years. People have become more busy with work because of technology. Technology has led everyone to have less of an attention span for reading or sitting down with family for dinner. People today are brought up to live in the fast paced environments and forget to enjoy the environment and family around them. Because of this, design has further encouraged this type of living by incorporating islands and bar stools into the kitchens so people can quickly eat right there as the food is being fixed or if they are in a huge rush, not even sit down to eat. Dining has become to leave out the importance of meeting together with family for a meal and this is represented by homes today many times leaving out dining rooms and replacing them with kitchen islands. 

Falling Water, Frank Lloyd Wright
Falling water is an example of modernism of its time because although many designers were trying to think of what would be modern, Frank Lloyd wright was ignoring their attempts at modernism and creating his own. This structure is a work of art that he was able to create because instead of trying to figure out what the buyers would think is modern, he created this structure to be what he wanted it to be. He wanted to incorporate nature which was also a step away from what many designers were doing at that time and fits more into the type of design we might expect today because people are becoming more environmentally aware. I think this structure is successful at being modern because he used nature to inspire him instead of the customers. He used many windows to let in sunlight and never covered up a window with any piece of furniture. Also, he made the building out of material such as stone that blended in with the natural environment that was already there. I think this shows modernism because he was looking forward by looking past what builders thought people were looking to buy and went to find his own inspiration in nature. He took time to figure out every small detail such as where the windows would be placed to let in the most sunlight. For example, there is one space where he cut a hole in the desk so that the window would still be able to open, and the windows on the corner are able to open all the way on both sides so that the corner piece isn not there to obstruct the view of nature. This again shows the importance of nature in the design.

Sydney, Australia 
I think that this city represents modernism because of the curves in the concrete and buildings. Modern design incorporates the use of curves more than traditional because of technology. The idea of putting water in a city view is a modern idea of incorporating nature into the design. The buildings appear to be curved and at different angles because they look more sleek and modern. Another example of adding nature  in a modern way are the trees and plants you can see at a distance in the background.

All of these things represent taking ideas from the past and making them new again. They all represent the importance of environment in modern design and how the way humans live affects what is considered modern. For example, being more environmentally aware and a concern for health affects of using plastics and other materials has led designers to go back in time and make a modern water bottle out of those materials. Also, the way people live today has caused designers to make modern designs consisting of islands for quick meals in the kitchen as opposed to long dining with family. Falling Water and the city in Sydney show the importance of incorporating nature in modern designs as a focus, although Falling water represents much more thought into how the structure will be set around nature and putting focus on nature while this city is only adding nature elements into the design to make it more appealing and modern looking.

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  1. I am fascinated by the fluent curve. Properly balanced curves will always be futuristic and root in nature. Therefore they will always keep up with the present time. Stacking shelves and geometric reflection does this as well. Nature never gets lost in the past because it is the starting point. Therefore to mimic nature respectively will always be part of the past and the present as well.