Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Williams, Heather IAR 221 Reading Response 11

Erich Mendelsohn was interested in showing emotion through architecture. He did many sketches showing his emotion using different lines representing energy and even did some sketches based on the feelings music gave him. This shows an expressionist view of architecture instead of basing it off mechanism like others of the time. This comes from a belief that architecture is supposed to be more meaningful than something done mechanically representing perfection. Instead, it should be something that can evoke emotion to the people experiencing it and inspire their imagination and thoughts through the motion that is expressed in the structure and the feel of the expression created. This brings architecture to be an art form representing and evoking human emotion. It was designed from random sketches based on the feelings of the designer,  which is why I think this expressionistic structure so well represents the idea of architecture being a physical form portraying human emotion.

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