Sunday, April 10, 2011

Williams, Heather IAR 221 Reading Response 12

This design was a new attempt at modernism. In the past, Mies van der Rohe designed harsh industrial architecture, but when he designed the Barcelona Pavilion, he instead put importance on the visual aspects of the materials and the way the space was arranged. He used different levels and walls that were  not full walls to allow the space to flow and be open, but still give a sense of space. He uses a marble wall to separate one space and this material is polished so attention is drawn to the material representing nature. The first picture shows how the horizontal planes lead your eyes to the windows to a view of nature and natural light. Also, the green marble represents the forest in the view behind it an extreme way, making nature more geometrical to translate it into a modern form of design. The structure is based on taking elements from nature, such as the different planes, the rich colors, and natural materials, and constructed them in a geometrical way that does not literally copy nature, but it represents nature symbolically and suggests to you to look out through the windows for sunlight and to observe nature.

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