Monday, April 18, 2011

Williams, Heather IAr 221 design star philosophy discussion

Education is important to interior design because it is important to be knowledgeable about a lot of different things in order to make your own decisions about how to come up with new design that incorporates history and meaning instead of simply putting things together that look good, because that does not look good and has no value. We need to look at history in a way that helps us to create our own history instead of blindly throwing things together because we are short on time. Great work takes a great amount of time to come up with and thought. It is important to not take the time and thought out of our work.  Credentials help you become more trusted in design. Although i do not think credentials say a whole lot about a designer because this simply shows that they have worked other places, it does not show much about their intellectual ability to design especially because the people who look at their work and give them the opportunity to obtain credentials are often blindly following design trends. However, it is important for a designer to gain a lot of experience and work through jobs in their career to become more experienced and while doing this, also gain credentials which will help them get better jobs and higher pay.
   Taking a holistic approach to design is important to get things to flow together and have one overall main purpose. Without one main purpose, the meaning is lost and random things end up getting thrown together to make a whole. Designers should bring a lot of different experiences and life skills to a profession because it is important to know about a lot of things to be able to truly design for a lot of things and give the design meaning and history. Media causes a lot of problems in design because people simply copy what they see on TV or in magazines and throw stuff together. They end up following trends instead of making their own work because this is thoughtless and takes little effort. In order to truly create your own meaningful work you have to look at history and search for the root of the issue, what needs to be accomplished and the root meaning or idea that you are trying to portray. A perfect example of an issue is music today. Everyone loves this music but they do not even know why they like it. They are blindly following this trend as the "musicians" themselves. The are producing music that they know will sell instead of creating their own work. Artists today do not want to take the time to create and write meaningful work and the one who do are unnoticed. This is in return supported by the consumers who appreciate and seek this kind of meaningless work. People today are supporting bad work. They don't care what it means or the hard work put behind it. They simply want things done quicker and media and trends are reinforcing this problem. Media is not necessary for someone to be a good designer. instead they need to become knowledgeable about history and how to portray it in their work in a more simplified but functional way.

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