Monday, April 18, 2011

Williams, Heather IAR Blog Post 13

Dulles International Airport Eero Saarinen
This structure represents the use of concrete and steel used in modernism. It uses this idea of simplicity in materials and surfaces but creating interesting shape in the structure. It also shows this through the glass walls. A lot of modernist structures have the appearance of being all glass. Here this whole wall is covered in large windows. modernism shows an attempt to go back to simpler materials and simpler shape. Instead of covering up, they perfect the lines in concrete or steel to not hide edges. Instead they show off the steel and concrete as the materials used. This is a good example of modernism because it is not impractical to the people who must use it. This airport is functional and it is nice to be able to see the view of planes through the tall glass windows, even the view of the parking lot.  Being in the building gives a very open and large feel which seems also to have a lot of importance in modern design. I think the main and most important part of this structure that represents modern design is the uncovered material used.

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  1. Also think about the shape of the roof. Instead of being a simple flat roof the modern response is to exaggerate the upward curve with extruding columns.