Friday, April 29, 2011

Williams Heather IAR 221 Blog Post 14

My favorite object is an hour glass because they represent thought in time. They make me think of the people who first began recording time and they give the essence of being trapped in time. Similar in design, we are designing things based from our history because with time, there is always history.

Favorite place: The sky. The sky has no boundaries and makes no sense. Everything came from the sky.

I like that the sky brings so many questions because it is unknown and only imagination can possibly begin to see it.

My favorite buildings are buildings in construction. I love to see the process while buildings are being built and see the materials they use to make them. Also, it is tempting to climb up them because there are so man places to climb on.

My favorite place is inside an airplane because they are not new technology, but the idea of building something that humans can fly across the sky with is cool. It makes me think of cars and streets operating in the sky.

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