Monday, January 31, 2011

Williams, IAR 221 Reading Response 3

The Xinyang Palace is a building that was meant to claim power and authority. During this time (400 BCE) buildings were often used to claim authority. The building was symmetrical and the eathn core was surrounded by bays on all sides to emphasize the monumental size.

The acropolis has two levels that correspond to the porches on the east on on the west. Athena is facing east and the north area was dedicated to Zeus. The building is also on a mountain which supports the story of Athena being absent from her city to retrieve her mountain.


This is an image of Athena showing that she is the most important aspect of this structure. She is made more important by her size in the statue. Also, you can see by the person she is holding in her hand. This person is the size of an actual human which shows how large the statue is.

The Acropolis was build to praise a god and the reasons for the structure of the building are formed around the ideas and stories that were told by the people of the gods. The Palace however, was built to claim power and show the emperor as a monumental and authoritative person through this structure.


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  3. you should include images, annotations, a title, and further writing to complete the elements of this assignment -- all of these should help you to explain your position about the meaning of the xianyang palace in light of the societal and cultural aspects it reflects.