Monday, January 24, 2011

Williams, IAR 221 Blog Post 2

 Our group observed building and landscapes that represented the way architects intended to show society through the way they built. They followed the more traditional greek ways of building and attempted to modernize it. Although this was not very succesful in many of our school buildings, you are able to see the modern attempts because of rounded edges. For example, the art building has a rounded edge and smooth glass windows; however, this attempt was greatly unsuccessful because of the lack of symmetry within the building. The architects seem to have put this building together thoughtlessly and trying too hard to make it look modern. This shows a  lot about how today things are not built with as much thought and purpose as they were back in ancient times. I think this is because people have lose importance in beliefs and made things more about how they look and how they seem. Buildings now are more focused toward self greatness instead of representing the society or religious beliefs. Society makes buildings, so the builders have made society appear this way through their thoughtless actions and superficial motives. A main focus in this was stacks because the stairs and brick are stacked to provide more strength, and the stairs gradually becoming wider causes the entrance to appear farther away and more important.

Also, circles are a part of this environment because there is usually one focal point that we are led to. In a single building, there is generally a center of attention; the entrance. And all these buildings are focused around the main or center unit, which in this case is probably the Eliot center or a type of meeting place.
In ancient times, builders sculpted buildings in a way that provided information to others through their work about religion, ideas, and cultures. This was very successful because although the people make culture through their buildings and works of art, the buildings also provide culture and religion to upcoming generations. I think this is why our society has lost importance, culture, and religion. It is more focused on fake aspects of making things look cool, then making them look cool in a way to show our culture and provide meaning in the work. This is how the art building has been made so poorly and will not provide culture or beliefs to future generations through its architecture.  Overall, rituals influence environments, and environments in return, influence rituals.

Although I believe these buildings were not done in a thoughtful way to preserve our culture and beliefs, The three pictures I have posted are all more successful than the art building because they do show symmetry on both sides, which is important for balance and relating materials into one theme. For example, using a theme of circles in all different places, possibly in different ways throughout the building instead of adding random shapes. Sticking to one theme is a better way to make an idea prevalent and successful.

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