Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Williams, IAR 221 Blog Post 1

Theory of Design Reading Response 1
Importance of water in Ancient Civilization

Our group read about an ancient town in Pakistan. The town was all built around a large public bath and all of the houses were facing towards this bath. This shows that the people most likely centered their lives around religious beliefs and that water was the main focus and importance behind their religion and the way they built their town.

I did a pen drawing to represent the importance of the water to this ancient community. The middle section represents the water and the squares surrounding the water represent how the homes and buildings of this community are centralized around and facing the water because of its importance to religion.

This ancient civilization also most likely feared the water. I have illustrated the brick wall in pencil. This is an important factor to this culture because it shows that they feared the water because they used fired brick, which is stronger, to keep it out. Also, through their bath that is in the center of the town. It makes a point to keep religion and the importance of water to religion known through the fired bricks that were used to keep the water out and also to build a large community bath

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  1. Interesting that you mentioned fearing water as the firm foundation kept the house safe from flooding, and yet they housed the bath at the center of the structure. They certainly had much respect it. Good to see you are making connections, good work.