Sunday, January 30, 2011

Social Media in Venezuela

Latin American countries have come to be third in usage of social media next to China and the United States. In Venezuela the amount of social media used is about 68 percent of the 7 million internet users. In Venezuela, Market cross comes up with marketing strategies. An example of how social media has drastically affected this country is Baudel, who had been arrested for his revolutionary movement, has now joined twitter and spoke about it to reach other people of the country who may be attempting a movement themselves. He is now able to openly oppose his government and oppose his leaders without being imprisoned. This can bring out the ideas of other people who get this information who have similar opinions and change who governs their country and what the government is about. Social medial allows the people of a country or government to hear about what is outside of what they know which allows them to make better judgements and have more opportunity to affect what is going on in their country. It gives them a better chance to have their own opinions on their government and leaders without being imprisoned and provides them with knowledge to change the way things are done. With social media comes more knowledge to average people because it becomes impossible for leaders to keep information away from the people of their country. When average people have more knowledge about what is happening in the world and what is being done secretly by their own government, they are better able to take care of themselves and prevent corruption in governments from progressing.

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