Sunday, February 6, 2011

Theory Reading Feb 4

In reading Designerly Ways of Knowing, by Nigel Cross, the most effective way of designing is to start anywhere and put down your ideas. Often this is dont through drawing, which quickly puts down ideas and details. The drawings are not necessarily going to have anything to do with the final product, but to get to a more developed idea a designer needs to draw out their ideas or make models of them to decide on the next step in the design. In design i have found it most helpful to make models of my designs first to get a better understanding of what my idea is, and then make drawings of different ways to represent the idea and adding in details, then making some more models. The best way to learn design is through designing things and creating things yourself. Learning from text books about other designs and designers is helpful because it teaches you about how they find their inspiration and where they took their ideas, but the best way to learn your own way of forming an idea and finding inspiration is the best way to learn to turn it into something meaniniful and useful. Design is not something that can be done by computers becasue artificial intelligence does not have the type of intelligence necessary to understand art and design. Computers may be able to memorize information and provide data, but they are no substitute for the natural intelligence in art and design.

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