Friday, January 21, 2011

Light in a Space

 This picture is taken inside of a box made of foam board 18" by 12". This box was made to define light into four parts inside a space. From this view I am showing the two larger shadows on the outside of the light and the two smaller ones toward the inside of the light. The larger piece of board in the middle is to catch some of the light coming in from the side and also create a shadow interrupting the light.

From this side I am showing the whole view of the inside space and the point of the light source. The light is coming through one tall slit opening in the side and the back is left completely open to make it seem larger. The one tall slit of light coming in is the most important point in the space. There is a skinny column right next to the light source where the light hits and reflects from this surface. This point emphasizes the importance of the light coming in sharply onto the boards.

This view also shows the multiple light spaces that are cast onto the floor, up the wall and across the ceiling through the whole space. By making the box  seem larger using scale figures, leaving the back open as a cut out, and projecting one slit of light into the space, I have emphasized the importance of the light traveling all the way through the space dividing it into different intensities and sharpness of light.

This is another picture showing the light entering the space. It is hard to see, but right in front of the cut there is the thin piece of board that goes from the floor to the ceiling that the light is reflecting onto.

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