Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hunger in Rio de janeiro

 For my project I want to make a dining space in Brazil near the equator for homeless families. There are a lot of homeless families in Rio de Janeiro because it is such a large city. The kids try to get drivers attention in the street for food or money for food.  The streets here are very crowded so a lot of the time the kids are hit by cars for being in the way when the light turns green, or for being in the street while drivers are running red lights. The numbers of homeless families in Rio are greatly rising because the cost to rent an apartment for the month is more than what a Brazilian would make in a month on minimum wage. The self-interests of the economic elites are too strong to prevent deaths among homeless families in the streets of Rio. Instead of helping these families, police in the area harass them. I plan to design a space for the homeless people to dine in and also others interested in preventing families from being homeless and without food.  I want to bring awareness about the event through the use of social media to bring attention to others who want to support the event and help stop the government from taking homes and from these people and not allowing them to have jobs or eat. The space I started is about 17 feet wide and 23 feet long. This is area will have a table that is about 48” by 72” that is actually 4 separate tables, each being 36” by 24”. For the table I wanted to use either a light colored wood or a type of stone, marble, or granite because these materials are more common among the area. Also, I wanted to use a warm color for the walls and add in large floor length windows or openings with no glass so they can be experience the outdoors, but be comfortable in a space with a roof.  I want to decorate with plants from the area that will make a contras between the warm colors and create a calming feeling. I want to incorporate food that Brazilians commonly eat so the food is familiar to them and a lot of fruits.

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