Monday, February 21, 2011

Williams Heather, IAR 221 Blog Post 6

These two show the height of the
towers reaching toward heave
Cologne is constructed with many columns to support the height of the structure. It has two towers directing focus on the entrance instead of portraying one tower as a central point.  The taller towers need more material to support this structure from the bottom and it becomes thinner up toward the top. There are direct paths made as you go into the building because of the axis made by the towers on top that lead you first through the front doors. The towers are extended upward toward and pointed on the top to point towards heaven and reinforce the idea of no boundaries because the line towards the sky and to the heavens never ends. It is an axis to infinity

                                                       The inside showing the stretched
                                                                              height becoming thinner towards the top

The cathedral in Salisbury, England frames the entranceway by the width of the building creating an essence of holiness and importance on entering through the doors.
The picture on the left shows the width of the front which is used to frame the entrance and the One large tower marking the central point of importance extending toward heaven. The picture on the right shows the tall expanse of the building upward similar to the cathedral in cologne.

Both the Cathedral in Cologne, Germany and in Salisbury England use massive structural features such as the height of the building. They both represent the idea of no boundaries and infinity with the towers pointing toward heaven: the Cathedral at cologne uses two of these to frame the entrance and the central point. The Cathedral at Salisbury uses instead, one tower toward the heavens marking the central point.

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  1. You understood the point. More detail about firmness and commodity. Think about building material and its purpose. As well as funstionality of structure. Basically just needs to be longer.