Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[211] Perspective Design Concept

Concept: Vanilla Candle

Vanilla - (Originated in Mexico, Used in many different ways by many different people) - Vanilla originated with the Totonaco Indians in Mexico and the vanilla beans were reintroduced by Hernando Cortez. Vanilla was then mixed with cacoa to make a drink. In 1602, it was then discovered Hugh Morgan that Vanilla should also be used as flavoring and is now used to enhance foods and drinks; it is even added as a scent for perfumes, air fresheners, and candles. Vanilla is one of the most widely used flavors in the world and is mostly grown in Madagascar, Comoro, Seychelle, and Reunion. Although vanilla originated in Mexico, most of it today is produced in Indonesia and Madagascar.

Candle - (Originated from many different places, same concept, all created in different ways to bring visitors and guide their way) - Ancient Egyptians and Romans were known to have made the first wicked candle by dipping papyrus in beeswax, although it is most likely that many civilizations used candles, they all had a different way of making them. In Japan the wax used to make a candle came from the wax of tree nuts while in India fruit from a cinnamon tree was boiled to get the wax. In ancient times they were used to provide light for visitors or in religious ceremonies. 

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Proportion: The candle is much larger than the flame. The light scent, calm neutral color, and small flame  are proportioned to each other.

Balance: light scent of vanilla filling the air balances with the warm feeling from the light

Unity: vanilla candles are brought together by the use of so many cultures originating around the same 
times. Cultures are brought together through the use of the candle for rituals and use of vanilla for flavor and scent throughout history

Emphasis: Emphasis is on the light; light from the candle guides people towards it, provides light, and warmth; it is welcoming. 

Rhythm: flame flickers in the wind, the actual candle is still but the flame moves very fast or slow depending on the wind

Elements of Design

Space: candle provides light and warmth to a space, vanilla adds a pleasant scent 

Line: straight formed edge, not moving, radial symmetry. The flame has a flowing line that moves with breeze

Color: neutral in color, calm and relaxing

Value/Contrast: the soft light of the candle corresponds with the neutral color and calming shape. The flickering flame contrasts with the sturdy neutral base.

Form: the candle's flame changes as wind blows. It is interchanging depending on environment; basic form of the candle is hard wax but the flame moves with the flow of air

Shape: many shapes: Ancient times: rolled papyrus, the wax candle we use today generally is round or square in shape

Texture: Waxy, smooth

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