Sunday, August 28, 2011

[201] Experience in the Weatherspoon Art Museum

  Thumbnail sketches of the walk through the building in order of the experience
 More complete sketches of the experience through the Weatherspoon adding location and intensity of light

 Diagram of the circulation through the building and relation to outside features - nature, sunlight, street/traffic

Diagram of the flow of space through the back entrance. When you enter the lobby you look around  and find two different directions you can go in. This diagram shows the change in space within the area corresponding to the focus of light directing you deeper into the building to come to the main focus, the art displays.

The last diagram is a more finished version that shows the way people will circulate through the space on their trip through the building and the change in directness of light and how space begins open and large and continues to close in more the further you go inside and are directed to the art displays. It then represents the way the building opens up as you leave the space and the light changes from being focused directly towards one thing, directly around the art displays, to more open in the hall and then the most open space is in the lobby where the space opens up and light fills the entire space instead of focusing on specific objects.


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