Monday, March 14, 2011

Williams, Heather Blog Post 8

The Nautilus Shell represents eternity or infiniti and the idea of no boundaries because it representative of the golden ratio which is a number that has no end. It is possible that ancient architects used Phi, representing the Nautilus shell,  in each of these structures because the golden ratio found somewhere in the building. This shows that the idea of an unsolvable number which relates to not having knowledge to an end, is present  everywhere. The Nautilus Shell represents Phi in itself mathematically but also through the fact that the nautilus continuously adds onto its shell when it outgrows the space and because they are the most ancient animal we know of so they present a mystery. This connects with the mystery of where architecture will go in the future and from where it began; for example: the meaning behind stone henge. The infinity concept of the shell is shown in how our architecture continuously changes and uses ideas from previous structures to build off of like the nautilus builds from its shell repeatedly over time.

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