Monday, March 28, 2011

Williams, Heather Reading Response 10

Industrialization leads to new technologies and Sustainability

  • A need for larger structures
  • Technology used for greenhouses such as wrought-iron and glass
  • Engineers designing structures, not architects
  • The idea that structure needed to be able to be disassembled and built in a short amount of time
The industrial revolution resulted in factories and urban populations. Engineers built the factories and used the technology of cast iron and wrought iron building. Then, greenhouse gases used these technologies and incorporated the use of glass paneling to keep exotic plants in other climates. The use of these new technologies allowed larger structures to be built without using as much material. The Crystal palace, designed by Joseph Paxton, was created using cast iron columns and beams. He used glass panels for the walls of the structure. This was basically a giant greenhouse and it was the fist structure that had a greater amount of space on the inside, then mass or materials of the building. This shows the huge impact industrialization and urbanization had on building. As human needs and ideas change, structures are changed to fit them. For example, The reason for building factories was the demand for factory jobs which led to the technology that was used for the design of the  Crystal Palace. Also the idea of sustainability that we still use today is present, because they did not want to cause destruction to the environment. Instead, the built the structure around the environment that was already there. The ceiling and walls were made of glass so the trees inside could still get sunlight, and after they were done using the building, the structure was disassembled and the environment was left as it was before.

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