Friday, November 12, 2010


This idea was to stack three sets of paper to show a glow of light get weaker towards the top similar to the weakened dull light coming through a window. I thought the concentration of light towards where the bulb was was too bright, so i went back to my original idea and decided to work with sheet plastic.

This is experimenting with the sheet plastic together and also layered over the blue paper to get an idea of what the effect may be like. This was before I had decided to sand the plastic to make it rough.
This one i decided to use the sheet plastic without any paper at all. I really like the effect the sanded sides have because they reflect light in a cool way but it does not get the point of my light phenomenon across, which is the light changing from sharper to dull and becoming dim, overall change.
This was what i came up with by using the paper and the plastic together. I like this one because it shows the different values of the light and dark and also shows a brighter light. I left the bottom open because the warmer light can be seen there and it changes to a cool color when its through the paper. I sanded the sides of the plastic to dim the light and it has a cool effect that is hard to see in this one picture.

This is what it looks like in the dark so you can see the lines of sanded plastic and the different light and darker shades of the lighting through the paper. Also, you can see on the bottom the warm color from the light reflecting from the stain and the pink/purple color that it makes on the wall from transferring through the blue paper. I made this by using super glue on the plastic, which fell apart when it fell on the floor, so i am going to remake this using bolts in the plastic and use a thicker plexi glass. The middle is blue vellum paper and for the base, i drilled a hole down into the block of wood with the drill press, then out the side for a place for the cord to go. I screwed the light into the base. The corners of the base are used with pieces i cut to go around the actual base so that all the edges would look the same. The brown color was from the stain i made with oil paints and thinner. I think this version best shows my idea of the light changing through the paper and through the plastic because also, on the other side in the next picture, you will see how the light there appears purple.

 This is my favorite view of the lamp, because it is the exact same lamp as the picture above but it shows a completely different light and has a completely different feel to it. The color is even completely different from very blue to a light purple whiter looking light. I think this really shows what i mean to through the transition of color and the layers in the paper with different angles.

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