Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sketchbook Drawings

Drawings From my Sketchbook

I did this drawing mostly with 8B and some pencil. It started out to be a self portrait but I got bored with drawing myself literally and changed it to show a way of how I may see myself or how I could see other things instead of focusing on what i look like.

Leaf From Brazil. I used pencil shading to make dark and light values and left whites to show highlights.  The dark is not as dark as I would like it because there are supposed to be holes in the leaf but it is hard to tell without the darker shading where the leaf ends and gradually making it lighter over the top of the leaf to give it more dimension so it will look less like a flat picture. Adding more detail and distributing the darks and lights more carefully will help this look more like the leaf.

"Nun with Gun"

This is a contour line drawing i did of myself as a shadow while drawing this. I was standing by a window and the light made my reflection onto a wall so I drew the reflection of myself drawing and I traced it from the back page of the one i drew the original on. It looks like a nun with a gun.

Drawings from Jack Kennedy's and Holly Burda's Sketchbooks

This gesture study was done by Jack Kennedy. It shows both extremes of dark and light shading. The way the bark and lines in the branch were represented in a more abstract way allows us to see the feeling and harshness of the bark instead of only looking at as the branch itself. We see the contrast and harshness and direction of the lines or values without being distracted by the fact that it is a branch.

This is a drawing by Holly Burda. It shows the shadows of the twigs and also light. The changes between dark and lighter shades of gray in the shading create more dimension through contrast.

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