Friday, October 28, 2011

[201] Visionary Explorers, Light

   natural lighting will come through the top of our display case from the sky light in the lobby of the weatherspoon. This will lighten the inside of the case to display the items without needing an interior light source so the cabinet will still be very versatile in where they move it to. The shelves in the cabinet are made of acrylic so they will be clear; this will allow light to come through  from the skylight and gradually diffuse as it comes down through the shelves to the bottom. I think this will also create interesting shadows and reflections of the objects placed in the display case through the shelves.
   we will not be using focal lighting to direct people because instead we are using the location of the cabinet to bring people to it and also the idea of keeping the top acrylic to allow natural light to come through and lightly highlight the inside of the case.
   i think interesting moments will be created through the interior of the case when the light is diffused and reflected through the transparent shelving and also when light reflects the objects off of and through the other shelves since it is completely transparent, the objects reflections will be seen throughout the shelves beneath it. Light will create an interesting pattern of overlapping shadows and reflections through the interior of the cabinet.

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